Bull riding, rodeo clowns, and cowboy hats

Professional Bull RidingBILLINGS – For most people when you say the word, “Montana,” an image of a cowboy comes to mind.  While the Treasure State offers MUCH more than cowboys, I don’t judge that stereotype.  After all, we do have cowboys here — REAL ones — and if you’re looking for that type of country western experience, then you can find it in Montana.

From small town rodeos where just about anyone (who’s crazy enough) can mount a bull to arena rodeos where the best cowboys in the world come to rally, Montana offers a wide array of rodeo styles to meet your fancy.

One in particular is the Stanley Tools and Security Invitational of the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Built Ford Tough Series. Click here to learn more about the PBR event in Billings.

Professional Bull Riders in Billings, MTFor nearly two decades, Billings has hosted the world’s best bull riders and bulls at MetraPark’s Rimrock Auto Arena.  The nationally televised event attracts thousands of spectators eager to witness some impressive 8-second rides and jaw-dropping wrecks.

This April marked the 18th year the competition has traveled to Billings and the show wowed the crowd with high energy music, rodeo clown/Funnyman Flint Rasmussen, and dozens of cowboys putting their bodies on the line as they hold on for dear life (with one hand) while the best bulls in the biz try to buck them off as quickly as possible.

It amazes me that the bull riders can hang on for even one second let alone eight (the amount of time needed to count as a qualified ride). Sitting in the stands, watching their bodies flail around like “Gumby,” it’s incredible that the riders don’t get hurt simply from that.  But then to see them fly through the air, nearly get pounded into the ground by flying hooves once they land, and then stand up and brush themselves off and walk away from the whole ordeal unscathed is down right remarkable.  I stub my toe at work and I’m practically limping all day! Sheesh!

Bull rider leaps out of way of bucking bull

Bull rider leaps out of way of bucking bull

All in all, the PBR is an action-packed event and a fun time for all who attend – but really, most rodeos create a similar thrill. So if you’re looking for a taste of the “wild west” complete with bull riding, rodeo clowns, and cowboy hats be sure to mark your calendar for when the next rodeo is coming to town.  Or just head to Cody, Wyoming where they have a rodeo every single night during the summer.

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